Prepurchase Exams

Scott Equine ServicesPurchasing a horse is a significant investment. For that reason, we strongly recommend a thorough pre-purchase exam, conducted by one of our highly skilled veterinarians, for any horse you are considering.

Our veterinarians' pre-purchase exam includes a thorough physical exam, in depth motion/dynamic exam, neurologic exam, and eye exam. A typical pre-purchase exam takes between two and four hours. The exam will always include flexion tests and observation of the horse in hand and under saddle.

Your veterinarian will recommend appropriate ancillary tests such as ultrasound, radiographs (X-rays), blood tests, drug testing, endoscopic examinations, or reproductive examinations. We are happy to customize our examination to address your concerns and expectations.

It is important to understand there are limits to what can be determined by the examination. For example, future soundness or athletic ability of the horse cannot be guaranteed. Nonetheless, a prepurchase examination can be invaluable in helping you with your final decision and future management of your horse to optimize performance. The cost of the exam is small when compared to the cost of caring for a horse that is unable to meet your expectations.

For more information or to schedule a pre-purchase examination, please call us at (954) 252-9744